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3D Glasses Type
Passive Glasses Type
Refer to the recognition of
two images shown from
TV through polarizing glasses

[Principle of the display using Passive Glasses]

The polarized type display separates left/right images to each horizontal line by attaching a polarizing film on the display. Then it allows people to separate two images and recognize while wearing polarized glasses which has different phases in left and right.

The company has the technology of processing a spectacle lens shape not to generate changes in optical characteristics utilizing the basic manufacturing technology of eyeglass frames and a polarizing film.

Shutter Glasses Type
Refer to the recognition as 3D while the image
on the left eye/the image on the right come out from
TV alternatively and electronically responsive glasses
rapidly open and close.

[Principle of the display using Shutter Glasses Type]

The shutter glasses type display sends each video signal to the human eye by closing the shutter of the right and left of glasses while sequentially playing images for each left eye and right eye.

We’re supplying export products which take full advantage of the shutter glasses and solved the problem of weight and design which were known disadvantages based on the polarized glasses manufacturing technology and production capability.

3D Glasses Features

DNR is developing and manufacturing the differentiated performance of 3D polarized glasses.
· Clear 3D picture quality without distortion
· Word’s major TV and movies and 3D compatibility guarantee
· Comfortable wearing with customized design
· Mass production system and strict quality control

[R & D competitiveness]
· Material [ABS, PC, Nylon, TR, Metal, etc.] processing and Various finishing processing technology
· Ergonomic design and Mechanical engineering technology
· Process technology for optical characteristics and lens(film)/ Cured molding/ Acrylic/ PC lens processing and molding
· Developing various materials of accessories

Vivid 3D picture quality

3D compatibility guaranteed

Comfortable custom design

Mass production and quality control